A full education, a viable future


To teach, train, and support both children and young adults with limited economic resources. That’s why we’ll be working in different areas over the short and long term to improve quality of life and guarantee a more stable future for children and families in the area.


English classes adapted to different levels with a maximum of 20 children per classroom and additional support for those with learning difficulties.


Some of the donations will go towards the construction of houses, food distribution, medicines, and other urgent necessities for local families in extreme poverty.

Without your support, none of this would be possible

What are we doing?

Our school is in Prey Tlock Village (Puok, Siem Reap)
Together with families, we can reduce school absenteeism

Camboya Sonríe/Cambodia Smiles is a project that was established after seeing the living conditions of some local children and the education system in Cambodia..

We want to be there for them and train them so they can start on a professional career instead of continuously experiencing problems because of a lack of basic food, medicines, and other necessities.

That’s why have built a rural school for more than 200 children and teenagers. We primarily teach them English, skills, values and habits that are important for their daily life. In addition, we promote sports, reading, creativity, and working in teams.

We also work with the poorest families and people in urgent need of help.

  • Families in situations of extreme poverty

  • Out-of-school children younger than 12

  • Out-of-school children older than 12

  • The Government of Cambodia’s budget for the educational sector

Who are we?

After coordinating various projects together, we believe that the way to help the most people is through this project. If you want to know more, look at the ‘About us’ section

Alejandra Borrell

Her passion for travel took her to the city of Siem Reap where she was able to collaborate on various cooperation projects. From that moment she has not stopped working to give opportunities for the future through education.

Bear Chamnan

Project coordinator and teacher
His full dedication to humanitarian aid has made him a benchmark in the coordination of international projects. At a time, English teacher and coordinator of the educational program.

Phong Sokun

English teacher
His vocation for teaching has led him to work in different schools in Siem Reap. At no time he has stopped training in this area to improve his techniques and learn different teaching methods.

Bunthong Thong

Volunteer teacher
Buntang is a volunteer teacher. Before he goes to work, he comes to teach 1h daily. With his smile and his willing he helps us in our daily program and also when we organize workshops or events.

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