• Prey Thlock Village, Puok District, Siem Reap (Camboya)
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Our main goal is to offer opportunities for a better future to younger generations. That’s why we are going to coordinate with different hotels in the city in order to have courses or workshops that allow our students to enter the world of tourism.

With this training, a good knowledge of English, and the solid social, hygiene, and communications skills that we’ll help develop, our students will be prepared to work in the tourist sector, thereby improving their quality of life.

That’s why we’re going to work on the following areas:

English language

English classes adapted for different levels with a maximum of 20 children per classroom and additional support for students with learning difficulties.

Learning through playing

Current classes in other schools in the village teach with a completely theory-based methodology without varied educational resources. We want to incorporate new teaching material so the children show more interest in classes and then go more regularly to school.


The library will have stories in different levels of English to develop reading skills.  There will also be copies in their mother tongue, to help the children and young people acquire an appreciation for reading.


Sport is important to maintain the children’s health, and it’s a good way to introduce them to teamwork, friendship and graciously accepting defeat.

Health, hygiene, and safety habits

A monthly workshop for developing healthy habits will be organized. This is a very important part of preventing illness and, in Cambodia, these kinds of habits are rare in families without proper resources.


Part of the money raised monthly will go towards the construction of houses, as well as the distribution of food, medicine, or other emergency needs that might come up in families from the village in situations of extreme poverty.

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