• Prey Thlock Village, Puok District, Siem Reap (Camboya)
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With your company or organization, you can help eradicate poverty in Cambodia and promote quality education and decent housing, among other things.

What are the benefits of being a partner company?

  • Introducing a culture of corporate conscience to the company through values like responsibility and solidarity.
  • Improving brand image and recognition.
  • Right to fiscal benefits when it comes to income and corporate tax. As of 1 January 2014, the percentages of fiscal deductions for donations has been changed.
  • Promotion of the company on social networks, websites, and videos.
  • Receiving handcrafts from the children each year.
  • Receiving a certificate of collaboration with Camboya Sonríe.
  • Organization of trips to Puok District to visit the school.
  • Becoming part of a small ONG where all expenses are displayed in a public monthly report that fully demonstrates our transparency.

Do you want to get your company staff involved in this initiative?

Any gesture of support, no matter how small, can help change someone’s life. We appreciate the smallest actions, so your workers can also take part.

Teaming is a global initiative where each employee contributes 1€ of his monthly salary to help the Foundation, and the company matches the amount contributed.

If you can’t help us financially, there are other ways to do it!

We know there are companies that can’t help out financially, whether because of their current situation or because they’re collaborating with other Foundations (Congratulations! We love it that you’re giving them your support). So here are some other ways to help us.

  • Share our website, social networks, or publications.
  • Are you an expert in the educational or marketing field, or a blogger? Contact us and help us out!
  • Volunteer your services freely, and we’ll promote them.
    • Audovisual productions
    • Translations
    • School and office material
    • Hygiene kits for the children

We’ll personally take care of associating your brand with solidarity and international cooperation. Help us out! It’s worth it, and we’ll show you why every day.

Write to us: info@camboyasonrie.com

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