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The Sister School program aims to promote education about cooperative values and the defense of human rights. Our goal with this initiative is to encourage awareness and understanding in children and young people about the main social problems that exist today all over the world.

How can my school help out?

Here are a few ideas about how to contribute to change this reality:

  • Involve families by having them bake cakes for a solidarity snack time at school
  • Organize a play or concert and charge a nominal entrance fee
  • Any creative initiative you come up with will be welcomed

Become a sister school

Institutions that commit to children’s rights in educational practices and work to secure financial resources for Camboya Sonríe aid programmes will receive this distinction.

If you decide to participate in this charitable initiative

  • You’ll receive the annual distinction of Sister School.
  • We’ll publish the name of your institution and what you’ve done on our website and on social networks.
  • We’ll inform you about our project’s progress through weekly videos and an annual report.

Contact us

We’re sure that you and your educational team will come up with tons of ideas and we’d love to hear about them!
Write to us at info@camboyasonrie.com

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